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esports Radar brings you real-time, curated esports news anywhere you go. Powered by an awesome algorithm, this website scans the latest news and serves them to you in a fast, clean and minimalist way.

The motivation behind Esports Radar

esports (no capital E) is an amazing industry to follow and to be a part of. Have you ever wondered how it would be like to be there when traditional, sports started to formalize as a business and reach millions of people world wide? Well, this is the time we live in pretty much.

Everything about esports excites me: The story lines, the games, the relationship between developers-players-fans and the different platforms that support them all, both media and streaming.

My name is Omer Kaplan (@omerkaplan) a product manager by trade and wanted to be able to catch all the most important esports titles during my busy day schedule, so I just built it!

Vision, mission

With esports Radar, I’d like to bring curated esports stories to everybody, everywhere.

The media landscape for esport coverage is ever changing and ever evolving, and in parallel new platforms allow for more ways to consume esports content. My aspiration is to make esports Radar platform agnostic and bring you esports news in any way you love consuming them.

The best experience I can imagine for esports Radar is you thinking “What’s up with my favorite esport” and boom, it’s there for you.

Nerd talk

esports radar is written in Python using the Django framework. Special thanks goes to Jonathan Suh for cooking the amazing hamburger menu used on the mobile version, to nzbin to the loading animations and of course to the incredible StackOverflow community.

ESR is a single developer project, which means that I’m the one behind the backend, front-end, algorithms, HTML, CSS, Javascript, design, marketing, human resources (that one’s easy) and basically everything going on.

If you’re enjoying esports Radar, consider supporting the project under the fundraising page.

Good luck, have fun
- Omer